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Momotaz started singing even before she could speak properly. It was rather hereditary – her grandfather late Alam Bepary used to sing boithoki songs, father late Modhu Boyati spent his whole life singing baul and pala songs. She was mere child when she accompanied her singer father at first as an audience but very soon as a co-performer. She began to perform on the stage only at the age of four – “vabchhilam ki ae hale din jabe re sujon naiya, par karo dukhinire” was her first song in front of the audience.

Her father aside Matal Kobi Razzaque Dewan was her guru who she considers the mentor. From her school days, her personality was translated into song and her friends and teachers used to encourage her singing in the school, in her village, even in inter-district music competitions. Her mother Ujala Begom still takes care of every step of her musical venture.


Although she started her career with pala songs, in addition to modern songs, now she rules almost every variety of folk songs like bichchhed, marfati, boithoki, murshidi, etc. She unveiled two musical albums at a time in her first venture named “Cholchhe pakhi ulta pale” and “Bichchhed Super” under the banner of Johny Electronics. The albums sold out instantly and gradually she became extremely busy. At times she was recording two albums a day – “I used to be handed down the lyrics and the music tracks minutes ago and there used to be hardly any time for rehearsal and I had to record it at one go”, she reveals in an interview with the Daily Star.

Musical Albums
During 1992, she was travelling a lot to perform at gigs in various parts of the country. Her singing style and arresting songs actually created her first fan bases ever. Soon they were asking for audiotapes and she thought that bringing out an album had become a necessity and it was not a luxury anymore. Her first two albums were in that same year. Visiting a couple of record
labels,she finally settledwith Johny Electronics, who would conditionally bring out her album so that if they incurred a loss, she would have to pay the full amount. She not only completed the album within half of the shift instead of taking the full time, but they immediately signed her up to sing another album in the very same shift and paid a royalty of Tk.2,000/= (only $28/-).

With an unbelievable 700 plus audio albums to the credit (a world record) now she is unarguably the most adored singer of the country. Almost all the leading musical companies released her albums in Bangladesh as well as in West Bengal, Assam and Tripura. Now-a-days in order to avoid any risk of being flopped, young stars highly prefer her to release mixed albums. But unfortunately there is q significant number of her pirated cassettes, CDs and MP3s in the market. Some of her most famous musical albums includeReturn Ticket, Ashol Boithoki, Murshider Talim, Ronger Bazar, Ak Dui Tin, Sonar Nupur, Prano Soi, Ish, Nayan Tara, Tiner Bakso, Phuler Mala, Bhalobasar Dengu Jor, Rongila, Pankha, etc.

Live Concerts
Momotaz, the travelling songbird, is one of the busiest singers in the country, playing almost 15 shows a month in Bangladesh and another 20 concerts a year abroad.
At the time when band musicians were the craze in live concerts she is indeed the biggest crowd puller. Hers is not the typical Bengali women’s soft mellow voice, it is rather slightly on the rough, husky side. The lyrics of her songs are not exactly refined, but often colloquial, sometimes even rustic.But it is with that unconventional combination that she achieves a distinct quality that the audience finds irresistible.Her strength does not lie in the soothing effect on the
ear, rather she kind of stirs up the audience’s heart and demands their response. Thus when she comes on stage the audience goes into frenzy and when she sings out the audience invariably joins in chorus.


Models and Jingles
She, in fact, gets the highest remuneration for modeling and singing jingles. This is not because of her popularity as a singer but her attractive presentation and sincerity in promoting quality products. Surprisingly there are some cases where she does modeling completely free of charge only out of her social responsibility e.g. Anti tuberculosis campaign, Anti “jatka” campaign, Eye donation campaign, etc. Few examples of her popular television advertisements include Warid Telecom, Chaka Washing Powder, Quality Condensed Milk, RFL Furniture (jingle), etc. At present she is the Brand Ambassador of two products – Chaka Washing Powder and Warid Telecom.
Film Songs
“Dhandhabajir dhokay pore”was her first playback in the film“Dour”released in 1995. Since then she is one of the most demanding playback singers in Bengali films and already won several awards crowned by Bangladesh Cultural Reporters Association, Bangladesh Film Journalists Association, Bachsach, Television Reporters
Association of Bangladesh, Channel-i, etc. Few names of films play backed by her includeMolla Barir Bou, Hridoyer Bandhan, Khairun Sundori, Matir Moyna,etc.
Media Appearances
As a celebrity, she appears quite often in national and international television channels, radios, newspapers and magazines. Concerts, talk shows, live interviews and documentaries are being frequently aired in satellite television channels. Apart from Bangladeshi media BBC Radio, television channels of UK, USA, Australia and India interviewed her several times.
The Film “Momotaz”
This is the only example of the country where a film has been released by the name of a singer and where the singer herself featured the main role. Of course it was a success and this venture opened a new dimension of Momotaz. The film reflects almost entirely her life history although several modifications were made in order to give it a nature of ‘filmy’. It was released in 2006, directed by Uttam Akash and co-acted by Humayun Faridi, Helal Khan, Anwara, Probir Mitra, etc.


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